OUTFIT: Bruised

I wore this black and blue do for an afternoon at the Royal Academy. I think chunky platforms are the best for art exhibitions - you can see over everyone's heads! Also, a high shoe with matching knee socks elongates legs by a mile. A long coat and lots of layers kept me nice and cosy, despite the very un-spring-like chill that day. I also took my trusty pink rucksack to hold the essential camera and sketchbook.
Coat: Rokit Vintage
Dress: East End Thrift Store
Shirt: unknown
Turtleneck: similar here
Bag: K-styleme


COLLECTION REVIEW: Play it again, Lazy Oaf

Just a note - I'll be splitting my posts up into various formats, the Collection Review being one of them. Each review will focus on the brand/designer, the features of the collection, my favourite pieces, and my response to the collection.

Who are They:
Lazy Oaf doesn't change much, or follow trends per se. Their collections seem to be less driven by innovation and one-upmanship than by pure fun. This is entirely understandable, because what Lazy Oaf brings us repeatedly is something they are incredibly good at: youthful, crazy, pieces with an interesting pop culture tinge. And, despite varying little in their style, each new collection is far from boring - Lazy Oaf churns out cheeky new motifs every time.

This Collection:
As usual, this is a fresh update of pattern, print and entertaining slogans in a fair mix of graphic monochrome and cartoon-style brights. As usual, each piece is a funky statement that would go well with others from the collection, or with simpler co-ordinating pieces (think plain cJamesd turtlenecks or relaxed denim). As usual, I'm certain that they would all look wonderful in my wardrobe.

Pookie Wants:
Pizza? Check. Cute fruits? Check. Checks? Check. The short, structured pelmet skirt is everywhere this season.

Growing up in an area with more chicken shops than bus stops, this tote has a special place in my heart..

This seems, at first glance, like one of the more conservative pieces of the collection - but it gets interesting when you spot the crazy eye print staring back at you.
'Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.' Well, actually, these flirty floral boobs are a tad more interesting than your regular English garden print.
Everybody's sporting monster inspired fashions right now - fuzzy knits, rainbow furs, scary shoes... Go a step further and wear an actual monster. Pink, hot colour of the winter just passed, has never stopped being cool.

One of my favourite pieces of the collection. Sheer and feminine, but with a tougher sporty edge from the racing stripes, and a great little sarky remark.. Niiiiiiice.
With names like 'Big Fat Yes' and 'I said Yes', I have a feeling these co-ords might have something or other to do with the importance of consent. Although that could be wishful thinking, these sporty co-ords certainly make some kind of statement. Perfect midi skirt/sweater pairing.
Pookie Will...
Not be able to afford most of these pieces. But the fun, out-there quality of the clothes might just inspire some D.I.Y fashion. Slogans and simple motifs aren't too hard to add to t-shirts, skirts and dresses with a little fabric paint and imagination...